Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 7: Mother’s Curse

My son woke me up at three in the morning to tell me he couldn’t sleep. On my housekeeping checklist: “scrape goo off door.” More than once I’ve explained to the police that the 911 call came from a kid who can’t even count to ten. And you already know about the vaseline incident… We shouldn’t be […]

Welcome Author Calle J. Brookes + Giveaway!

Please welcome suspense and paranormal author Calle J. Brookes! I’m so glad she’s here today to talk about life as a writer. Stay tuned, because she’s just in time for your holiday reading list with a giveaway I know you’ll love. And now here’s Calle: I have…an author’s assitant. She loves notebooks, pens of any […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 6: Shenanigans

Again it’s time to salute the kid-shenanigans we love to laugh about… once the embarrassment wears off. Here’s today’s Top 10 from my journal and a few that happened this week. Enjoy! Need to catch up? Wondering who these characters are? Then start here: On Filial Cannibalism – and – Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 5: Panda Boy

Forget the Nobel Prize and Carnegie Hall, sometimes my sole ambition for my children is that they grow up to stay out of jail. You might think I’m being melodramatic, but does the school principal have you on speed dial? Does your first grader climb the flagpole or moon his classmates at recess? Don’t get me started on the “kissing” incidents. Go […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 4: Double Trouble Featuring Christi Corbett

It’s high time for more in the Weird Stuff Kids Say series. Allow me to introduce my good friend and fellow author Christi Corbett, who’s here to present Part 4: Twin Humor. Christi and I have something in common. We both know what it’s like to change a diaper with one hand and fix a Lego rocket with the other. That’s right – we’re […]

Guest Blog with Christi Corbett + Contest Giveaway

Can you think of a caption for this photo? Yes, these are my twins, at age 1. My memory of that year is a bit hazy due to a level of sleep deprivation I bet would make a Navy SEAL cry, but I’m glad I remembered the camera every now and then. The twins celebrated their sixth birthday this summer, and […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 3: Perfect Timing

Kids have an uncanny knack for embarrassing grown-ups. Most young children can’t tell time, yet their sense of timing is impeccable. That, combined with their tendency to say exactly what’s on their mind, makes for some red-faced moments. Sadly, for me, these 10 stories aren’t even the worst of it. I’m not telling those. Missed the first two in the “Weird […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 2: Darth Naked

Ready for more kid humor?  Today I have a new list for you, taken from the “Kids Log” I’ve kept since 2005 to capture the crazy goings-on at my house.  You can catch up if you missed On Filial Cannibalism – and- Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part 1. Sometimes the humor comes from my music students or my friends’ […]

On Filial Cannibalism and Weird Stuff Kids Say: Part 1

Unlike other species in the wild, human parents don’t eat their young.  Sometimes I wonder why. For example, I remember the time I came downstairs after a five-minute shower and stepped in Vaseline.  Lots of it.  The entire kitchen floor looked unusually reflective, in fact. I found the two-year-old twins, naked and shiny, covered in petroleum jelly – it was a big, big […]