Never Mind Writer’s Block – I’m Worried About Writer’s Butt!

I’m lazy. And clumsy. You already know about my shameless chocolate addiction. Needless to say, I’m not one of the peppy high-ponytail girls at the gym. I’m the one sweating like I’m on trial for murder, wearing a grimace and watching the clock. Here’s the kicker – I’ve been a faithful gym goer for three […]

Start Writing Your Book! Method 2: Outline the Plot

Do you have a story churning in your head, and it wants out?  Does it play in your imagination like a movie?  Then you might be a plotter.  Or a screenplay writer.  Either way, you’ll need an outline. Or, if you have characters talking in your head, you could be A) schizophrenic, B) a writer who should start […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 2: Darth Naked

Ready for more kid humor?  Today I have a new list for you, taken from the “Kids Log” I’ve kept since 2005 to capture the crazy goings-on at my house.  You can catch up if you missed On Filial Cannibalism – and- Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part 1. Sometimes the humor comes from my music students or my friends’ […]

Dialogue FAIL? Diagnose the Motive

Sometimes dialogue doesn’t work, but why does it fail? A reader can become confused or skeptical because of any number of issues with the writing, but I think questions in dialogue are the most common problem area.  This is probably as true in real-life dialogue as it is in fiction. Questions are more about the motive than the one-dimensional wording.  […]