How I Learned to Write Like a Man

Does anyone else think it’s ironic that a bunch of women write in male point-of-view? Granted, ninety-something percent of romance readers are women, so we probably get away with it. Sometimes. Yes, I know there are men in existence who are in touch with their feelings, who aren’t afraid to talk about relationships and are […]

Dialogue FAIL? Diagnose the Motive

Sometimes dialogue doesn’t work, but why does it fail? A reader can become confused or skeptical because of any number of issues with the writing, but I think questions in dialogue are the most common problem area.  This is probably as true in real-life dialogue as it is in fiction. Questions are more about the motive than the one-dimensional wording.  […]

On Filial Cannibalism and Weird Stuff Kids Say: Part 1

Unlike other species in the wild, human parents don’t eat their young.  Sometimes I wonder why. For example, I remember the time I came downstairs after a five-minute shower and stepped in Vaseline.  Lots of it.  The entire kitchen floor looked unusually reflective, in fact. I found the two-year-old twins, naked and shiny, covered in petroleum jelly – it was a big, big […]