Meet Jeff Salter, Male Romance Writer!

Yes, you read that correctly. Today I have author J.L. Salter here to talk about his books and his journey as a writer. I adored his stories before I found out he’s a guy. And then I was impressed; he knows how to sound like a girl, and it’s hilarious! Read on: Jeff: Delighted to […]

Kissings Skills, Fan Language & Fun Facts

  Today on Rachel Van Dyken’s blog: “My Hero Is A Bad Kisser”  Who likes male virgin stories? You do? Well, Wilhelm has never even been kissed. Or at least, that’s what he says. In this excerpt, Wilhelm has  just won a bet with Sophia, and the collateral is a kiss… read the post here. And by the […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 6: Shenanigans

Again it’s time to salute the kid-shenanigans we love to laugh about… once the embarrassment wears off. Here’s today’s Top 10 from my journal and a few that happened this week. Enjoy! Need to catch up? Wondering who these characters are? Then start here: On Filial Cannibalism – and – Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 5: Panda Boy

Forget the Nobel Prize and Carnegie Hall, sometimes my sole ambition for my children is that they grow up to stay out of jail. You might think I’m being melodramatic, but does the school principal have you on speed dial? Does your first grader climb the flagpole or moon his classmates at recess? Don’t get me started on the “kissing” incidents. Go […]

How I Learned to Write Like a Man

Does anyone else think it’s ironic that a bunch of women write in male point-of-view? Granted, ninety-something percent of romance readers are women, so we probably get away with it. Sometimes. Yes, I know there are men in existence who are in touch with their feelings, who aren’t afraid to talk about relationships and are […]

Dialogue FAIL? Diagnose the Motive

Sometimes dialogue doesn’t work, but why does it fail? A reader can become confused or skeptical because of any number of issues with the writing, but I think questions in dialogue are the most common problem area.  This is probably as true in real-life dialogue as it is in fiction. Questions are more about the motive than the one-dimensional wording.  […]