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Rougemont Series – Historical Romance

SongforSophia 500x750

Song for Sophia (#1) Oct 2013

Mary’s Christmas Knight (#1.5) Dec. 2013

KTS cover

The King of Threadneedle Street (#2) Nov. 2013

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Love Match (#3) coming soon!

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Married Quite Contrary (#4) Coming soon!
















Brotherhood of the Falcon Series – Historical Romance

Beauty and the Spymaster (#1) May 2014

Beauty and the Spymaster (#1) May 2014

Las Vegas Series – Contemporary Romance

StarterWife 500x750

Starter Wife – Oct. 2014

Network One Series – Paranormal Romance


Mind Tamer – Dec. 2014


  1. Barbara Rogers says:

    Are you still writing? I loved your Song for Sophia and King of Threadneedle Street and would love to see the other characters get their HEA’s. I love your writing style and hope you haven’t quit or something.

  2. S. Johnston says:

    Hi Mariah, I agree with Barbara Rogers. I am on pins and needles to read the next installment Rougemont Series. It’s like giving a starving person a bite of food then snatching the plate away.

  3. Priscilla Waller says:

    Waiting,waiting, waiting. Pleeze write some more books. Song for Sophia was as good as AMY of the early Mary Balough book. I have over 1600 historical romances in my library so I speak with authority.👍

  4. Janelle Schelin says:

    I have loved all of your books and am waiting for the next ones. Are you still writing?

  5. Hello, Dear Writer. I am sure I am not alone in eagerly awaiting the completion of Mary Cavendish and “Darcy’s” story, as well as Phillip’s long-awaited masculine strut upon the Rougemont stage. After a multiple-year drought since your last work, I suspect your pack of children have reached a rambunctiously busy stage, or you are immersed in composing a suite of phenomenal violin concertos. Whatever the reason(s), you have an enthusiastic fan base awaiting your next promised publication, Ms Densley. Cheers, and happy writing!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hi, hello! I just re-read the Rougemont series books and was wondering if you were still planning on publishing 3 and 4 or even if you were still writing? Thanks so much, hope all is well!

  7. Hi Moriah, I am, as all other bloggers here, absolutely itching for a continuation of the Rougemont series and the publication of your next grand story. I’ve had the pleasure of reading — and re-reading — Song for Sophia as well as King of Threadneedle Street and have also been in search for paperback copies of your other works. Will you be re-publishing those stories anytime soon? I would love to be able to buy Mary’s Christmas story on Amazon Kindle or Beauty and the Spymaster, for that matter. I hope and look forward to your return to the historical romance stage because your stories are THE BEST I’ve ever come across. Thank you and hope to hear from you again soon!

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