Mary’s Christmas Knight

Mary's Christmas Knight

Could a rogue be her knight in shining armor?

Mary Cavendish’s corset is already too tight. All the lovely Christmas food is tempting her, and that’s bad news for her dream of attracting a “knight on a white charger” — not that volunteering at the parish hospital is how she expects to meet him. Enter a mysterious Christmas Eve patient, who is none other than the famous Shakespearean actor Sir Wesley Samuel Darcy. Mary finds him arrogant, too forward… and maddeningly handsome.

When Mary learns Sir Wesley has been invited to spend Christmas with her family at Rougemont, she vows to resist the charming London rogue. Wesley thinks finding the perfect present for Miss Cavendish will tempt her — she’s not as prim as she pretends to be. Mary turned down six proposals last Season, and she’s not about to give in to a rake. But if Mary can’t resist the sugarplums, how can she resist the dashing Sir Wesley?

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#1:  Song for Sophia

#1.5:  Mary’s Christmas Knight

#2:  The King of Threadneedle Street

Cover art by For the Muse Design 

Don’t miss this lovely review by Carol Cork at Rakes and Rascals


  1. Absolutley loved this novella but wondering when the full length novel will be released? Can’t wait to experience more of this burgeoning relationship 🙂

    • Hi, Carol, and thanks – glad to hear you liked the book. Good news, I’m working on Mary & Wes’ story right now. Aiming for a spring 2014 release.

      • Awesome news!
        I know that with the bitter cold, spring seems so far away…I guess I’ll have to stay warm & be patient, then! 😉
        My sincere Christmas wish for this story is for Wes to not indulge in any extra-curricular midnight cheer (brothel, actress, widow, mistress, etc.) like many other rakish heroes — even though we’ve only seen a small glimpse of Mary in this novella, it’s clear she deserves that amount of respect (& more, I daresay).
        Cannot wait to see their story unfold 🙂

        • Hi again, Carol! You likely caught on about Wes’ awful reputation – it’s worse than he deserves. I think he’s going to get in a great deal of trouble, but it’s not what it looks like, and Mary will learn a lesson in not judging people. You know, I think society has expectations on beautiful famous people; we expect them to behave horribly, and we have this sick fascination when they mess up. Might be interesting to get the perspective of someone caught up in it. And there’s always a fun romance when the hero & heroine fight before they kiss 🙂

          • Ah, yes – the crazy cult of celebrity. I guess you would call me a traditionalist, so I’m glad to hear the direction you’re going with Wes’ reputation – it will definitely be interesting view the circus from the inside!

            • I can promise there will definitely be some shenanigans. And I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it. Thanks for visiting, Carol – stop by anytime!

  2. No worries! – I also discovered Kay Springsteen from your site, so I’ll be sure to visit again 🙂

  3. Addielin says:

    Is there a release date yet? I’m so eager to read the rest of this story.

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