Love Match

Philip Cavendish has counted every moment of the three years, four months and sixteen days since his wife died. Torn between the distraction of wanderlust and his duty to his young son, he knows it’s time to settle down; his boy needs a mother. At his sister’s advice, he reluctantly seeks the help of Katie Calypso, famous matchmaker, whose uncanny judgment has never missed the mark. Philip Cavendish is her first exception.

LOVE MATCH (Rougemont #3) coming soon!

Read Chapter One here


  1. Stacey Prisk says:

    Just checking I have been watching amazon and have not found Love Match is the book out yet? I truly enjoy your writing and cant wait for your next one. thank you .Stacey

  2. I too am wondering what has happened? Hope your real life is okay!

  3. Is there any update to when this book will be available? LOVED that first chapter!

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