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Rougemont Series – Historical Romance

SongforSophia 500x750

Song for Sophia (#1) Oct 2013

Mary’s Christmas Knight (#1.5) Dec. 2013

KTS cover

The King of Threadneedle Street (#2) Nov. 2013

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Love Match (#3) coming soon!

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Married Quite Contrary (#4) Coming soon!
















Brotherhood of the Falcon Series – Historical Romance

Beauty and the Spymaster (#1) May 2014

Beauty and the Spymaster (#1) May 2014

Las Vegas Series – Contemporary Romance

StarterWife 500x750

Starter Wife – Oct. 2014

Network One Series – Paranormal Romance


Mind Tamer – Dec. 2014


  1. Barbara Rogers says:

    Are you still writing? I loved your Song for Sophia and King of Threadneedle Street and would love to see the other characters get their HEA’s. I love your writing style and hope you haven’t quit or something.

  2. S. Johnston says:

    Hi Mariah, I agree with Barbara Rogers. I am on pins and needles to read the next installment Rougemont Series. It’s like giving a starving person a bite of food then snatching the plate away.

  3. Priscilla Waller says:

    Waiting,waiting, waiting. Pleeze write some more books. Song for Sophia was as good as AMY of the early Mary Balough book. I have over 1600 historical romances in my library so I speak with authority.👍

  4. Janelle Schelin says:

    I have loved all of your books and am waiting for the next ones. Are you still writing?

  5. Hello, Dear Writer. I am sure I am not alone in eagerly awaiting the completion of Mary Cavendish and “Darcy’s” story, as well as Phillip’s long-awaited masculine strut upon the Rougemont stage. After a multiple-year drought since your last work, I suspect your pack of children have reached a rambunctiously busy stage, or you are immersed in composing a suite of phenomenal violin concertos. Whatever the reason(s), you have an enthusiastic fan base awaiting your next promised publication, Ms Densley. Cheers, and happy writing!

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