Married Quite Contrary

If you read MARY’S CHRISTMAS KNIGHT, then you know how Mary Cavendish and Sir Wesley Samuel Darcy met on Christmas Eve. Opposites attract, but can they make a happily ever after?

LOVE MATCH (Rougemont #4) Coming soon!


  1. Liz Collins says:

    When will Married Quite Contrary be out?

    • Hi, Liz! Thanks for visiting. I’m working on Married Quite Contrary now. I have one other project that needs to release first, then I’m on to this one! I’m excited too 🙂

  2. Margie Sperry says:

    I keep checking for Married Quite Contrary to come out for Kindle, do you have a updated date?

    • Hi, Margie. I hope to have a release date soon. #3 is coming this spring, and #4 is scheduled for the summer. I’m writing away as fast as I can, and thanks for checking up on me. I need the cheerleading!

  3. Soon, my dear Moriah, you shall have no excuses. Rougemont #3 and #4 MUST be with us soon!!!

  4. Victoria Craig says:

    Thanks so much, Moriah, for hours of reading and re-reading. Looking forward to Love Match and really looking forward to Married Quite Contrary. Then I get to read them in order again. Great way to get over this long hard winter.

  5. I’ve read all the books of this series (so far), and although I’m looking forward to reading about Philip…. I’m DYING to read about Miss Mary and Sir Darcy!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like #3 is now a summer release–so #4 is Fall? I got hooked in Mary’s Christmas Knight and looking forward to seeing where Mary and Sir Wesley go from there.

    • Hi again, Betsy! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you have it right, #3 is coming in July, and that’s Philip’s story. Then I have that Las Vegas contemporary in September, the superhero paranormal in October, then #4 in November… which will finally be Mary & Wes’ story. They might be my favorite characters, so I’m looking forward to it too.

      • Kathryn Smith says:

        So now you’ve flip flopped #3 and #4? I thought #3 was to be about Mary and Wes?

        • Hi, Kathryn. That’s right: #3 LOVE MATCH is Philip & Katie’s story, and #4 MARRIED QUITE CONTRARY is Mary & Wes’ story. Both books are scheduled to release this year.

  7. Moriah, I read Mary’s Christmas Knight back in December 2013 and delighted to hear that Married Quite Contrary is to be issued this year.

  8. Sandy Grsntz says:

    II am anxiously awaiting “Love Match” and can hardlu wait for Mary and Wes’s story, it is a long wait (hurry up) Love all of your books.

  9. Sandy Grantz says:

    Sorry for the typo’s, got too excited!!

  10. Hi
    Is Married quite contrary still coming out in November?

  11. Dear Moriah,
    Hope all is well with you and yours. And that you had a good holiday. You had hoped to publish books 3& 4 in 2014. I hope the problem with the non release was differences with your publisher and not something more personal. Please know that you still have fans who haven’t given up and are waiting to find out what happens with Phillip and Mary and Wesley. Be well and be well. Victoria

  12. Hi Moriah!

    If you need more chocolate to make you write faster, do tell me. You know by now that I deliver! But for doing it, I need YOU to deliver those two books soooooooon!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Moriah,

    I was just wondering about Married quite contrary?

  14. Hi Moriah, I can’t find love match, where can I find it?

  15. Hi I was wondering if Married Quite Contrary was still in the cards?

    • It’s been more than a year since Ms. Densely has posted anything here. I worry that something difficult or truly bad has happened in her life. Hope all is well. Keep checking the website hoping something pops up.

  16. I’ve just discovered your Rougemont series and have enjoyed reading them so much. Do you expect to publish more books in the series? I see it’s been a while since anything was posted here. I hope you’re doing well. You have eager readers waiting for your lovely books.

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