Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 3: Perfect Timing

Kids have an uncanny knack for embarrassing grown-ups. Most young children can’t tell time, yet their sense of timing is impeccable. That, combined with their tendency to say exactly what’s on their mind, makes for some red-faced moments. Sadly, for me, these 10 stories aren’t even the worst of it. I’m not telling those. Missed the first two in the “Weird […]

Start Writing Your Book! Method 2: Outline the Plot

Do you have a story churning in your head, and it wants out?  Does it play in your imagination like a movie?  Then you might be a plotter.  Or a screenplay writer.  Either way, you’ll need an outline. Or, if you have characters talking in your head, you could be A) schizophrenic, B) a writer who should start […]

Death by Editing: Why Writers Turn Neurotic

Do you know how many times I’ve edited my book?  Not enough.  It’s never enough. I edit as I write, and edit twice more before sending it to my critique group, then edit each time I get feedback from a member – all the while going over it again myself and revising.  I scour every […]

2012 RWA Golden Heart Finalists – About My Celebrity Surprise, and Flaming Underpants

* I’m not implying my underpants are on fire.  Read on. You might say the RITA and Golden Heart contests are the equivalent to the Academy or Oscar Awards for the romance fiction industry – which grossed $1.4 billion in sales in 2010.  The RITA Award is for published romance and the Golden Heart Award is for unpublished. Even USA Today Books and […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 2: Darth Naked

Ready for more kid humor?  Today I have a new list for you, taken from the “Kids Log” I’ve kept since 2005 to capture the crazy goings-on at my house.  You can catch up if you missed On Filial Cannibalism – and- Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part 1. Sometimes the humor comes from my music students or my friends’ […]

On Filial Cannibalism and Weird Stuff Kids Say: Part 1

Unlike other species in the wild, human parents don’t eat their young.  Sometimes I wonder why. For example, I remember the time I came downstairs after a five-minute shower and stepped in Vaseline.  Lots of it.  The entire kitchen floor looked unusually reflective, in fact. I found the two-year-old twins, naked and shiny, covered in petroleum jelly – it was a big, big […]

FAIL! Avoid Three Common Mistakes in Writing Musician Characters

Musicians are a sensual, moody and brilliant bunch.  Often eccentric or intense types, they make great characters in fiction.  Music as a topic provides a rich sensory palette.  I get excited about musician characters.  Sometimes. At my day job I’m a violinist–master’s degree, eighteen years experience teaching and “gigging”–so I usually notice when musician characters in a novel screw […]