Check Out This Gorgeous Cover: Song for Sophia Re-release!

Drumroll, please. I had to sit on this a while, waiting for the final approved version, and it darn near killed me. And now you see why, right? It’s stunning, isn’t it? Elaina Lee at For The Muse Design outdid herself, and I’m delighted with the piano in the background, especially. Let’s make it official: I’m […]

My Hero is a Bad Kisser? Guest Blog at Coffee Time Romance

Today I’m guest blogging at Coffee Time Romance. Lately I’ve talked a lot about the controversial aspects of writing an autistic savant hero, but now it’s time to have some light-hearted fun. Speaking of fun, I had way too much it writing a socially awkward character. He’s a disaster, really, especially when he tries to impress Sophia […]

Real Life Romantic Heroes – Guest Blog at Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood

I adore alpha males in fiction. The take-no-prisoners, my-way-or-the-highway, dragon slayer types. I even cheer when they mess up and land themselves in trouble with the heroines, because it’s true to life, and I like seeing how couples work through conflict. “The course of true love never did run smooth,” and all that. With apologies […]

Guest blogging today at Romance Magicians

Join me and M.V. Freeman today at the Romance Magicians blog. We discuss why the hero of “Song for Sophia” is Rain Man with “X-Men” Wolverine’s attitude in Jude Law’s body, I swallow my pride and tell the contents of my rejection letters, why it was worth it to fight for my unconventional story, and Wilhelm […]

Song for Sophia featured on Preternatura today!

I woke to a pleasant surprise this morning. Suzanne Johnson, urban fantasy author of the newly released Royal Street, is featuring Song for Sophia today on her enormously popular blog, Preternatura! Suzanne has been my crit partner and dear friend (and mentor) these past few years, so why am I surprised? Preternatura is a blog about paranormal […]

Visit me at Kaki Warner’s blog today

You might have noticed I practically worship Kaki Warner, the super-star western-themed historical romance writer who was so kind to let me interview her here earlier this week. She was so gracious to return the favor. Today I’m guest blogging on her feature titled “Virgin No More,” where I talk about by [rocky] journey to […]

2012 RWA Golden Heart Finalists – About My Celebrity Surprise, and Flaming Underpants

* I’m not implying my underpants are on fire.  Read on. You might say the RITA and Golden Heart contests are the equivalent to the Academy or Oscar Awards for the romance fiction industry – which grossed $1.4 billion in sales in 2010.  The RITA Award is for published romance and the Golden Heart Award is for unpublished. Even USA Today Books and […]