Song for Sophia featured on Preternatura today!

I woke to a pleasant surprise this morning. Suzanne Johnson, urban fantasy author of the newly released Royal Street, is featuring Song for Sophia today on her enormously popular blog, Preternatura! Suzanne has been my crit partner and dear friend (and mentor) these past few years, so why am I surprised? Preternatura is a blog about paranormal fiction. Find out why there’s a corset-wearing bluestocking among the leather-clad were-gator hunters today:

“I very rarely dip my toes outside the paranormal or sci-fi pool. And yet here I am today, talking about a (gasp) historical romance. Here’s how such a thing happened. Moriah Densley, whose debut novel Song for Sophia was released on Monday, joined my little critique group known as The Mutineers. For a couple of years, she and Kat Latham and I have traded chapters and beta read each others’ books and whined and moaned about all kinds of authorly stuff. Moriah is in Vegas, I’m in Alabama, and Kat’s in The Netherlands (recently moved from London), so we’ve never met in person but have become online friends as authors are prone to do. Moriah is a classical musician with a frighteningly good knowledge of firearms (she’s armed all my heroes), while Kat has been involved in international relief work all over the world . . . read the article here.
  • GIVEAWAY! Want to win a free digital copy of “Song for Sophia” for Kindle, Nook, or iOS? Leave a comment on Preternatura, and you’re entered into the drawing.


  1. micahpersell says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome–and very much deserved 🙂

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