Diet Peach Smoothie Recipe

I’m hooked on this sugar-free, fat-free, appetite-control peach smoothie! I’ve had 2 a day the past few weeks, and it’s helped me recover from my unfortunate holiday food binge. (Hanging my head in shame and kicking the truffle wrappers under the couch.) Thought I’d share this super quick and easy smoothie recipe for my fellow […]

Never Mind Writer’s Block – I’m Worried About Writer’s Butt!

I’m lazy. And clumsy. You already know about my shameless chocolate addiction. Needless to say, I’m not one of the peppy high-ponytail girls at the gym. I’m the one sweating like I’m on trial for murder, wearing a grimace and watching the clock. Here’s the kicker – I’ve been a faithful gym goer for three […]