Guest Blog with Christi Corbett + Contest Giveaway

Can you think of a caption for this photo? Yes, these are my twins, at age 1. My memory of that year is a bit hazy due to a level of sleep deprivation I bet would make a Navy SEAL cry, but I’m glad I remembered the camera every now and then. The twins celebrated their sixth birthday this summer, and I’ve finally decided I can handle them. Probably because they’ve quit dumping out canisters of flour and cutting my socks into tiny pieces, for the most part. Christi Corbett is also a mother of twins, a comrade-in-arms. In my guest interview here, we talk about raising twins [bribery in parenting]  . . . and writer stuff too. Enter the photo caption contest here and check out the prizes, including chapter critiques, book giveaways, and more. Be the first tell us what happens when you microwave a bar of soap, and win a book. The contest closes on Friday, August 24. Come by and say hello!


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