Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 6: Shenanigans

Again it’s time to salute the kid-shenanigans we love to laugh about… once the embarrassment wears off. Here’s today’s Top 10 from my journal and a few that happened this week. Enjoy! Need to catch up? Wondering who these characters are? Then start here: On Filial Cannibalism – and – Weird Stuff Kids Say, Part […]

5 Things The Victorians Did Differently Than You

1. Underwear  Let’s face it: this is why you’re here. You should be curious about Victorian underthings, because they were truly weird. 19th-century clothing was so complicated, a lady typically couldn’t dress herself. Before the mid-1800s, her innermost layer was a “shift,” or “chemise,” basically a shin-length shirt. “Drawers” (pantaloons being the American version) became popular in the mid-1800s once Victorian ladies understood […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 5: Panda Boy

Forget the Nobel Prize and Carnegie Hall, sometimes my sole ambition for my children is that they grow up to stay out of jail. You might think I’m being melodramatic, but does the school principal have you on speed dial? Does your first grader climb the flagpole or moon his classmates at recess? Don’t get me started on the “kissing” incidents. Go […]

I Took Art Lessons To Write My Book

I loved doing research for my new historical, The King of Threadneedle Street. Shameless litte geek that I am, I enjoyed reading about the 19th-century global economy to write my financial genius hero, Andrew Tilmore. Luckily for you, I’m not blogging about that. I’d like to show you how I wrote my artist character, Alysia Villier. I wanted […]

Don’t Play It Again, Sam – Part 2 Inspiration from the Bargain Bin

Throw out your tired old bargain bin Classical Music album. Here are five lesser-known gems by brilliant but under-appreciated composers sure to provide inspiration for the most transcendent, sophisticated ideas you’ve ever conjured. 1.  If you watched Looney Tunes, you know the cross-dressing Bugs Bunny only prances with open arms toward the hoodwinked Elmer Fudd to the sound of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1. With apologies […]

Weird Stuff Kids Say Part 4: Double Trouble Featuring Christi Corbett

It’s high time for more in the Weird Stuff Kids Say series. Allow me to introduce my good friend and fellow author Christi Corbett, who’s here to present Part 4: Twin Humor. Christi and I have something in common. We both know what it’s like to change a diaper with one hand and fix a Lego rocket with the other. That’s right – we’re […]

Chocolate Fondue Recipe + Amazon Kindle .99 Sale

Chocolate fondue. Now that I have your attention, may I invite you to visit Romance Recipes today? I’m guest blogging with author Jennifer Lowery in honor of my Amazon Kindle Daily Deal – Song for Sophia is on sale for .99 today only. On the blog I share my best chocolate fondue ideas, of course, and […]

Visual Inspiration for The Valkyrie’s Guardian + Winner of $100 Blog Tour Giveaway

Since coming to terms with my Pinterest addiction, I have collected way too many funny cat pictures, along with recipes for fancy desserts I’ll never make. But that’s not what I want to show you. I finally put up a visual inspiration board for The Valkyrie’s Guardian. Celebrity lookalikes, Navy SEALS, Norse mythology, water skiiers … and […]

The Good Old Days Internet Shrine

Way back in 1992 *snickering* when I wrote a term paper on the de Medicis or amoebas or whatever, guess what I spent most of my time doing: A – Doodling my future signature, Mrs. Brain Surgeon, in the margins B – Wrestling with that %@$! dot matrix printer C – Wandering stupidly around the […]

How to Be “Eccentric” Instead of Crazy

Beethoven thrashed pianos. Van Gough sliced off his ear. Einstein smoked cigarette nubs left on the street. Pythagoras believed beans are evil. Tesla avoided touching any round-shaped object [insert dirty joke here]. I bet you’re smiling or chuckling good-naturedly. That’s because I cited some of humanity’s most revered geniuses. We all do weird stuff, and worse […]