The Good Old Days Internet Shrine

Way back in 1992 *snickering* when I wrote a term paper on the de Medicis or amoebas or whatever, guess what I spent most of my time doing: A – Doodling my future signature, Mrs. Brain Surgeon, in the margins B – Wrestling with that %@$! dot matrix printer C – Wandering stupidly around the […]

The Emperor’s New Leg Warmers

Is it just Las Vegas–home of plus-size metallic spandex–or are this year’s fashions downright ugly? I know, I’m a novelist, not a fashionista, but even this t-shirt-and-jeans gal noticed that none of the current fashions are wearable. Look at this cocktail dress made for domestic-minded fairies in colors stolen from the Playdough collection. Gotta love the floppy hip pockets and industrial-grade zipper. […]