Never Mind Writer’s Block – I’m Worried About Writer’s Butt!

I’m lazy. And clumsy. You already know about my shameless chocolate addiction. Needless to say, I’m not one of the peppy high-ponytail girls at the gym. I’m the one sweating like I’m on trial for murder, wearing a grimace and watching the clock. Here’s the kicker – I’ve been a faithful gym goer for three […]

Top 5 Austen and Bronte Movie Adaptations

Some stories are so timeless they are produced over and over. Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights . . . Last time in Top 10 Desert Island Historical Movies, I picked obscurish period films, hoping I might suggest something new you’d want to see, then email me to discuss it late into the night […]

Real Life Romantic Heroes – Guest Blog at Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood

I adore alpha males in fiction. The take-no-prisoners, my-way-or-the-highway, dragon slayer types. I even cheer when they mess up and land themselves in trouble with the heroines, because it’s true to life, and I like seeing how couples work through conflict. “The course of true love never did run smooth,” and all that. With apologies […]

Top 10 Desert Island Historical Movies

I’m heartened by the recent excitement about Downton Abbey – does it mean historical stories are going mainstream again? Here are my Top Ten Favorite Historical Movies, in no particular order. Some you may have seen, and some I bet you haven’t. Fall in love all over again with these outstanding historical adaptations. Desert Island Top 10 Historical Movies: 1.  […]

How I Learned to Write Like a Man

Does anyone else think it’s ironic that a bunch of women write in male point-of-view? Granted, ninety-something percent of romance readers are women, so we probably get away with it. Sometimes. Yes, I know there are men in existence who are in touch with their feelings, who aren’t afraid to talk about relationships and are […]

Start Writing Your Book! Method 2: Outline the Plot

Do you have a story churning in your head, and it wants out?  Does it play in your imagination like a movie?  Then you might be a plotter.  Or a screenplay writer.  Either way, you’ll need an outline. Or, if you have characters talking in your head, you could be A) schizophrenic, B) a writer who should start […]

Death by Editing: Why Writers Turn Neurotic

Do you know how many times I’ve edited my book?  Not enough.  It’s never enough. I edit as I write, and edit twice more before sending it to my critique group, then edit each time I get feedback from a member – all the while going over it again myself and revising.  I scour every […]

Visual Inspiration via Pinterest, or, Help! Somebody Confiscate My Computer!

I hear complaints that Pinterest is addicting.  Over the weekend I investigated these claims for myself.  I got sucked in too.  Can I just say, as someone old enough to remember researching through gargantuan multi-volumed encyclopedias at the library, I love the internet!  The wealth of information, images, music, and videos . . . and […]

Start Writing Your Book! Method 1: Character Sketches

So, you want to write.  Have a cool idea rattling around in the back of your mind, keeping you up at night?  Trying to start the next book in your series, or is this your first?  Either way, you’re surfing the internet instead of writing, so you’re not sure how to get started, right? Writers are often asked where they […]

No, Really – DON’T Play it Again, Sam: Five Classical Listening Alternatives

You tell your friends about an obscure band you discovered, and they admire how hip you are, right?  Unfortunately for classical musicians, the more obscure pieces you know, the bigger geek you are.  But it’s a happy sort of nerdiness.  Archives (paper and digital) are filled with glorious, delightfully innovative music, and “discovering” a less-known piece feels like finding a rare […]