My Cat Picked The Jewelry Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who supported my blog tour! I enjoyed meeting new readers and visiting interesting new blogs. A big thanks also to Goddess Fish, a promotion company I highly recommend. Without further ado, here is the winner Rafflecopter randomly selected for the Victorian-style pearl jewelry set: Entry #459, for adding the book to her […]

Be A Fan + Get Free Stuff!

You, dear reader, are pretty awesome. It’s time I sent out a big THANK YOU! for your support and encouragement. You keep telling me it’s time to get organized, so let’s do it! Announcing… MD Easy Street As in, street team, but a fairly laid back one, to be honest. I don’t know about you, but […]

Win This Victorian Pearl Jewelry Set!

To celebrate my upcoming The King of Threadneedle Street blog tour, I’m giving away this Victorian-style genuine freshwater pearl jewelry set, including a 2-strand necklace, 2-strand bracelet, and sterling silver earrings. You see a variety of lavender, silver, and peacock pearls, faceted onyx, and bicone Swarovski crystal beads. The ear hooks are sterling silver. Jewelry making is […]

Rachel ROCKS! Blog Hop + Giveaway

I love a good fairy tale with a Happily Ever After, so Rachel Van Dyken’s dazzling success as an indie / small press author is inspiring to me. Did you hear? She just landed a big New York publishing contract for her New Adult #1 bestselling Seaside series. You’ve probably heard of Rachel’s latest hit, The […]

Sneak Peek + Giveaway at Romance Magicians

I’m guest blogging today at Romance Magicians with author M.V. Freeman about The King of Threadneedle Street, my new historical. We talk about star-crossed lovers, mad geniuses, and who claims to be “unaffected by heroic nudity in art.” Stop by and say hello, and there might be a complimentary ebook in it for you! What was the hardest […]

Guest Blog at Romance Magicians + Chapter Critique Giveaway

I enjoyed this interview on the Romance Magicians blog. The delightful M.V. Freeman asked me fun, zany questions … I had to explain why my hero is colorblind and why my heroine binges on chocolate. I’m also giving away a digital copy of The Valkyrie’s Guardian for a winning reader, and a chapter critique for a writer. Feel free to stop by […]

Visual Inspiration for The Valkyrie’s Guardian + Winner of $100 Blog Tour Giveaway

Since coming to terms with my Pinterest addiction, I have collected way too many funny cat pictures, along with recipes for fancy desserts I’ll never make. But that’s not what I want to show you. I finally put up a visual inspiration board for The Valkyrie’s Guardian. Celebrity lookalikes, Navy SEALS, Norse mythology, water skiiers … and […]

Meet Author D’Ann Lindun

Today I’m hosting romantic suspense author D’Ann Lindun. Welcome, D’Ann, and take it away! I have three releases out with Crimson Romance—Wild Horses, Shot Through the Heart and Desert Heat. The first was Wild Horses, one of the company’s debut books. None of my current releases have any holidays in them. But, my next Crimson […]

Blog Tour Update: Navy SEALs, Paranormal Kissing, and Bad Pick-Up Lines

Poor Cassie. She’s surrounded by epically talented immortal superheroes, and she’s a healer who flunked out of her medical residency. Mortal, weak, and with high-profile celebrities in the family, she’s stuck with a bodyguard 24/7. The good news? It’s Jack MacGunn, the dazzling Atlas-lookalike berserker warrior she’s had a crush on since a girl. Find […]

Guest Post on GraveTells + Lean Mean Giveaway Machine

Highlanders, Superheroes, and Navy SEALs  – Oh, My! My paranormal hero is an immortal Scottish berserker who works for the Navy SEALs. Jack MacGunn is secretly in love with a flunked-out heart surgeon who doesn’t know she’s a valkyrie. Mixing mythology with modern themes isn’t quite so crazy when you consider that everyone needs a […]