My Cat Picked The Jewelry Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who supported my blog tour! I enjoyed meeting new readers and visiting interesting new blogs. A big thanks also to Goddess Fish, a promotion company I highly recommend.

Without further ado, here is the winner Rafflecopter randomly selected for the Victorian-style pearl jewelry set:

KTS blog tour prize!

Entry #459, for adding the book to her Goodreads shelf:

Sebella Blue!

Check your inbox, you lucky lady, you!

This freshwater pearl jewelry set, inspired by The King of Threadneedle Street,  includes a 2-strand necklace, 2-strand bracelet, and sterling silver earrings, in a variety of lavender, silver, and peacock pearls, faceted onyx, and bicone Swarovski crystal beads.

And the winner of the Celctic-style jewelry set, for the blog tour hosts?

jewelry celtic

I let my cat choose. Meet Dexter, a 10-week-old mischievous fuzzball. On the screen listing all the blog tour hosts, I let Dexter bat around a toothpick until he got tired of it.

cat computer

Nallo, our grumpy cat, wanted to know what the big deal with the toothpick was. As you can see, he is quite fat, and so he chose everyone. Wish I had enough jewelry for that!


Anyway, once Dexter got tired, he left the toothpick on…

Dexter 2

Susana’s Parlour!

Congratulations! Check your inbox. Coming in the mail for you is a Celtic-knot jewelry set made of genuine turquoise, Swarovski crystal, and freshwater peacock pearls.

Want another chance to get custom-designed jewelry like this? I’m assembling an “Easy” Street Team to celebrate the upcoming release of my new historical, and jewelry is just one of the prizes for reviewers. More information and photos here: 


  1. Moriah, where is your book,The King of Threadneedle Street, sold? Several girlfriends have asked because they are unable to find it on Amazon or Smashwords or Wildfire (for Kindle readers).

    • Hi, Janice. Good question! The timing is embarrassing, but The King of Threadneedle Street is currently getting a “makeover,” and will be re-released soon. I can’t wait to show everyone the gorgeous new cover! I’m so flattered you’re interested in reading the book, thank you. Meanwhile, might I interest you in another book in this historical series coming out on Sept 24? I’m looking for reviewers, who will get the book THIS WEEK!! and will also get jewelry as prizes. If you’re interested, check it out here:

  2. Okay. I signed up. I use a Kindle application on my eReader. The book is enough of a gift (don’t need any jewelry–have too much already) and I promise to do a review asap. Truly.

  3. christicorbett says:

    Love the grumpy cat who laid on the entire screen. I’ve got one of those laying on my bed right now 🙂

    Christi Corbett

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