Rachel ROCKS! Blog Hop + Giveaway

Rachel Van DykenI love a good fairy tale with a Happily Ever After, so Rachel Van Dyken’s dazzling success as an indie / small press author is inspiring to me. Did you hear? She just landed a big New York publishing contract for her New Adult #1 bestselling Seaside series.

THE BET Rachel Van DykenYou’ve probably heard of Rachel’s latest hit, The Bet, sitting pretty on Amazon’s top 100 Kindle bestseller list for 42 days and counting. She’s published over 20 books and is a regular on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. Go, Rachel!

The wild success couldn’t happen to a kinder, more deserving lady. Rachel was the reader at Astraea Press who recommended The King of Threadneedle Street for publication. Her encouragement kept me afloat for weeks.

pearl earringsTo celebrate Rachel’s big news, we’re doing a blog hop and giveaway. Each of the awesome Astraea Press authors on the list below is hosting a giveaway – stop by and check out all the prizes. I’m offering two prizes: One lucky commenter here will win a digital copy of any Rachel Van Dyken e-book from Amazon or Smashwords, and another commenter will win these Victorian-style peacock pearl earrings!

Jewelry making is a hobby of mine, and writing about 1870s fashion in The King of Threadneedle Street inspired me to try some Victorian designs. (More about this coming within the next few weeks, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.) The pearls are genuine freshwater peacock pearls, and the earwires are solid sterling silver. Leave a comment below to congratulate Rachel, and you’re entered in the giveaway. Be sure to include your email address like this: cooladdress at whatevermail dot com. Winners announced here after May 19 when the blog hop ends. Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE 5/20/13 Announcing the winners:

Congratulations, Nicole L! You won a complimentary e-book by Rachel Van Dyken.

Congratulations, shadowluvs2read! You won the Victorian-style pearl earrings.

Check your inbox for details about the prizes.

Thanks to all who participated. Feel free to stop by anytime!

1. Rachel Van Dyken
2. Kim Bowman
3. Gunnar Grey
4. Ruth J. Hartman
5. Patricia Kiyono
6. Kay Springsteen
7. C.S. Moore
8. Joselyn Vaughn
9. Lynn Spangler
10. Jessie Andersen
11. Calico Daniels
12. Lisa Orchard
13. Wendy Knight
14. Brenda Maxfield
15. Moriah Densley
16. Meg Mims
17. Leah Sanders
18. Kristin Vayden
19. Jennifer Comeaux
20. Heather Gray
21. Catherine Bennett
22. Elaine Cantrell
23. Iris Blobel
24. Jennifer Rae Gravely
25. Kelly Martin
26. Jeff Salter
27. Lindi Peterson
28. Sherry Gloag
29. Tifferz And Her Sisterz Book Review
30. E.A. West
31. Christina Cole – Historical Romance
32. Karen King
33. Vivian Roycroft
34. Cheryl Kay
35. Calle J. Brookes


  1. Congratulations, Rachel!

    Those earrings are beautiful. I am in awe of people who can make and design jewelry.

  2. Those earrings look beautiful. I love the sheen on them. As for Rachel, what can I say, that you haven’t already said. She’s an inspiration to us.

  3. jdh2690 says:

    It is a nice thing you’re doing for Rachel, Moriah, assisting in this blog hop to celebrate her new success. I’m glad I joined this hop because I “met” you for the first time. I read about your book The King of Threadneedle Street here on your blog and it sounds so intriguing I believe I’m gonna have to read it soon! jdh2690@gmail.com

  4. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Congrats Rachel for the new contracts! I would love to read “The Bet” in exchange for an honest review! Moriah, I love your Victorian-style pearl earrings! Since, I am a book lover of stories in the Regency era, I also love vintage jewelry, they are so romantic. Beside being a great writer and a musician, you very talented in the art of jewelry creation! I adored “The King of Threadneedle Street” nlaverdure88@videotron.ca

  5. We need to put success in a bottle and market it as perfume to go with the earrings! 🙂 The closest I’ve ever gotten to making jewelry is…beads and yarn with my children when they were younger. We’d always buy tons of beads at the dollar store whenever they came in, and I’d store them all in an old peanut butter jar and we’d take them to “make jewelry” on rainy days or too-hot-to-be-outdoors days. Seems like eons ago!

  6. I’ve been watching Rachel’s successful run on the charts, Moriah. Love your talent!!! Your earrings are beautiful!

    Congratulations and wishing you the greatest success, Rachel!!! I’ve greatly enjoyed your Regencies! ❤

  7. jeff7salter says:

    I have a good friend — in the Frederick MD area — who makes her own jewelry. She’s come up with some beautiful pieces. Goes to classes and conventions all the time.

  8. Liz Riggs says:

    Congrats Rachel!!!
    I LOVE those earrings!

    ecriggs1990 at aol dot com

  9. Very nice design work! And CONGRATS AGAIN RACHEL!!

  10. Crystal says:

    Congratulations to Rachel! The earrings are beautiful, thank you for the giveaway!
    booksaresanity at yahoo dot com

  11. shadowluvs2read says:

    Hi! Congrats to Rachel! I love her! Her books are so good! I cant get enough of them! I love that she puts them out so fast! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and being apart of this great hop!
    shadowluvs2read at gmail dot com

  12. Congrats to Rachel! Those earrings are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love it! I am having a blast on this hop! It has been such a great opportunity to be introduced to new authors and great books!

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