Blog Tour Update: Navy SEALs, Paranormal Kissing, and Bad Pick-Up Lines

Poor Cassie. She’s surrounded by epically talented immortal superheroes, and she’s a healer who flunked out of her medical residency. Mortal, weak, and with high-profile celebrities in the family, she’s stuck with a bodyguard 24/7. The good news? It’s Jack MacGunn, the dazzling Atlas-lookalike berserker warrior she’s had a crush on since a girl. Find out the bad news, and what it has to do with Navy SEALs here at The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom Blog. Don’t forget to enter the $100 gift card giveaway! Look for the Rafflecopter widget.
Paranormal characters kiss differently than mere mortals. “Well, duh,” you say. My debut novel was a Victorian-era historical, and the characters behaved themselves, comparatively speaking. Didn’t take long for me to realize my berserker and valkyrie characters should have an entirely different experience. Jack MacGunn the immortal berserker has night vision, telepathy, and an elevated body temperature. Cassie channels electricity, and tumultuous emotions set her off. Not to mention both of them could bench-press a freight train. Check out my “too human” first attempt at a kissing scene, and the result of revising with paranormal traits in mind here at Christina McKnight’s blog. Find the Rafflecopter widget and click to enter the $100 gift card giveaway, good for any book retailer of your choice.
“God know you escaped from heaven? You can hang around my place until he calls looking for you.” − Jack MacGunn, King of the Bad Pick-Up Line
I had a ball with Jack’s bad pick-up lines. “Here – you take my lollipop, and I’ll improvise.” I took surveys and researched online, scouring hundreds, maybe thousands of pick-up lines for the best 25 to head each chapter of The Valkyrie’s Guardian. “Can I take your picture? I need to show Santa what I want for Christmas.” Dorky, right? Perhaps not when dazzling Atlas-lookalike Jack MacGunn says it with a Scottish burr and a wink … Read full article at Roxanne’s Realm.
What would you do with a $100 gift card? One lucky winner could choose an e-reader like the new Kindle Fire or Nook. Maybe you’d rather get every book on your wishlist just in time for the holidays. Enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget on any post on the month-long blog tour. Follow the schedule here. Thanks for visiting!


  1. christicorbett says:

    Those are some great bad pick up lines!

    Christi Corbett

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