Pardon Me While I Crow: New Book Deal!

It’s probably good you can’t see my victory dance. It’s not pretty. Ready for my big news? I just signed a two-book deal with Entangled Publishing for my paranormal romance series! Can’t tell you how delighted I am to find a home for my “geekfest” superhero stories. Writing about characters who save the day but cause a bit of trouble in the process  was sheer fun!

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The first in the series, tentatively titled MIND TAMER is about Kyros Vassalos, an immortal Greek physics professor who runs around solving crime and saving orphaned children. He can’t believe his eyes when he encounters Lyssa Logan, a talented violinist and the first female “extra-sentient” he’s met in over a hundred years. And she has no idea who she is.

No news yet on a release date, but I hope it’s not a long wait. Did I mention I’m really excited?

To celebrate, I’d like to share an excerpt of MIND TAMER:

Finally Lyssa emerged on stage in an austere, well-cut black gown offsetting her shocking wine-red hair. Named after a goddess, she certainly looked the part, especially with the mysterious glowing and shadowy effects of the stage lights.

Now Kyros could observe her in all her glory, or at least he hoped so. He waited breathlessly for her to start playing, nearly mad with anticipation—would she shine as brightly as he’d predicted, the way he wanted her to? Extra-sentients came in degrees, from standards in range of the human measure for genius, to astounding talents which defied the tropes of physics.

What was Lyssa capable of? Her mind virtually hummed with leashed energy, like a high-voltage machine in idle… This felt like the moments before testing a prototype, wondering if prediction would meet practicum.

Finally her mind opened for the music, igniting a network of brilliant connections that went off like throwing fuel on a bonfire. She honed her concentration and drew a deep breath, spreading the wild energy throughout her body then wrestling it into balance inside her mind as her bow dropped to the strings.

Ten seconds of music, and Kyros wanted to gasp in awe.

Oh, by the pantheon of all gods, she was sublime. Victory!

For the moment, all seemed right with the world. Comfortably settled in a corner of her mind, Kyros leaned back in his seat and let the sound of Lyssa unleashing her mental powers wash over him.

She was a Ferrari let loose in the desert.

The scales she played so blindingly fast, he knew she rode just beneath the limit of human ability to distinguish separate sound events. It gave the impression of danger and put the listener on edge.

All eyes followed the hypnotic shapes her bow drew in the air. Lyssa caressed and owned every note, drew every phrase perfectly, and at one particularly sonorous cadence, a collective sigh accompanied the brief silence she let linger.

Kyros withdrew gently, leaving Lyssa to herself. He wanted to let his poor brain do what it will for a while.

So he’d discovered her extra-sentient talent.

Like it? I’ve also posted a blurb here and Chapter One here. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by.

I’m going to go dance again.


  1. Yay! I looove these books and can’t wait for other readers to discover them, too. Congrats, my lovely!

  2. OMG Huge Congrats to you Moriah!!! Entangled is amazing! I love their books and authors~ Glad to have another loved author on board, and this super geeky story full of adventure will be on board the wait list!

  3. A big Congrats! & a big cheer! I so love Song for Sophia & have been eagerly awaiting news of your next book.

  4. christicorbett says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you!

    Christi Corbett

  5. Congratulations to you, Moriah! Of course, it is much deserved. 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Moriah!

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