Mind Tamer

Meet Lyssa Logan: Red-head, violinist extraordinaire, deli sandwich addict. Her undergraduate music theory students call her “Sarge.” She hears you thinking she’s a “7” on the 1-10 hotness scale, and she likes to solve crimes before they happen. That’s not normal, but it gets worse. She suspects she’s not aging, and lately she suffers from horrible headaches, spasms of debilitating power she can’t control, and she’s losing her grip on reality.

Enter Kyros Vassalos: Molecular physicist by day and racquetball champion by night, and yes, those are leather pants he’s wearing. NASA, Interpol, and the Pentagon all have him on speed dial, but after a near-miss with an assassin, Kyros transfers to Northern California University to lay low for a while, until someone notices he’s not aging, either.

The moment Kyros sees Lyssa, he knows she’s of his kind. No hocus-pocus, no voodoo, they are simply among the very few “extra-sentient,” with the extraordinary ability to unlock the full potential of the mind. Kyros is desperate to teach her to control her power before it overwhelms and destroys her. Lyssa fears Kyros is more trouble than she bargained for, but once she steps into his world, there is no going back.


  1. where can i buy this book?

    • Hi – Thanks for your question. It’s currently on submission, meaning I’m trying to get a publisher to buy it. Cross your fingers for me, and when I get good news you can be sure I’ll crow about it here 🙂 I’m always looking for reviewers – if you’re interested, message me using the contact form on this site, and I’ll add you to my list of ARC reviewers, and you can read Mind Tamer before the release.

    • btw, did you already see this? You can read chapter 1 now: https://moriahdensley.com/chapter-1-mind-tamer/

      • read the first chapter, it is awesome, would love to read the whole book, hope you find a publisher soon, fingers definitely crossed. if possible, would love to review the book,

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