Calling All Manly Men: Are You Hungry?


Tell the world what you really think about women, and you could have dinner on me at Outback Steakhouse.

Be a part of my next blog article, “Men Speak Out: What They Love and Hate About Women,” part 2 of a series launched last weekend with In Praise of the Modern Gentleman. [UPDATE: Now available here.]

Young or old, single or married or somewhere in between, I want your feedback.  Answer the short survey (posted below), answering as many questions as you can.  Your target audience?  Fiction readers and writers who are interested in understanding male POV (point of view), so the more creative and detailed your answers, the better the article will be.

Comment here, email to moriahdensley[at]gmail[dot]com, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.  I’ll change your name if I quote you in the article, so you’ll remain anonymous.  I want to post the article this weekend, so Friday 3/16 is the deadline for feedback. I’m still working on it, so YES, send in your answers. [Special thanks to all who participated!  Check out the cool article you helped make, here.]

If you think this is a cool project, help me spread the word.  Ladies, you can help too!  Make sure I know how to contact you–everyone who comments or reposts will be randomly entered to win a $25 gift card to Outback Steakhouse (or comparable restaurant of your choice).  I will send another $25 restaurant gift card to the guy who sends my favorite feedback.  Impress me.

Winners will be announced on my blog Mon 3/19.  Thanks for your help!  Now let’s hear what you have to say.


1.  What makes you respect a woman, or not?
2.  What is something you think women get wrong about men?
3.  List a few turn-offs and turn-ons (Keep it rated about PG, please.)
4.  Have a woman? What made you fall in love with her? How did you know she was The One?
5.  Don’t have a woman? What are the top 5 qualities you’re looking for in a woman?
6.  If you had the world’s largest megaphone and 30 seconds to have the undivided attention of every woman on earth, what would you say?
7.  Any other comments? Likes or dislikes?


  1. This was so much fun. I just interviewed Smarty Pants and emailed you his responses. I learned a few things that surprised me, even after nearly ten years together. 🙂

    Hope you get lots of responses!


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  2. […] to our panel for their candidness and willingness to participate.  It wasn’t all about the Outback giveaway; most of them mentioned something along the lines of, “I like to brag about my […]

  3. […] have results from the six-question survey about what men really think about women, in response to a related article, In Praise of the Modern […]

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