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Rachel Elizabeth at GraveTells (4.0 rating): “I loved the relationship between Jack and Cassie. I love stories where a bodyguard and the person they’re protecting fall in love, so I had high hopes for The Valkyrie’s Guardian and fortunately, I really enjoyed the book. Their bickering cracked me up. I thought it added a fun dynamic to their relationship. And the sexual tension between them was hot. The two of them had great chemistry. Oh, and the fact that Jack is a Scottish, immortal warrior only made him sexier. Being a Navy SEAL detachment agent gave him some brownie points, too. I thought the extra-sentients were pretty cool. They’re kind of like the X-Men. The supporting cast of characters were all interesting, especially Jack’s Navy SEAL friends. Those guys were funny and charming, and their interactions with Cassie were priceless. I really liked getting to see Cassie grow as a character and become more confident in her abilities. The Valkyrie’s Guardian is a hot, light read with an engaging storyline and charismatic characters. This is the first book I’ve read by Moriah Densley, and I’m impressed by her writing skills. Oh, and the bad pick-up lines at the beginning of each chapter were hilarious! I’m so glad Moriah included those. The Valkyrie’s Guardianis full of action, mystery, and romance. If you’re looking for a paranormal romance book that can make you laugh, give this book a try! It’s a GraveTells Recommended Read!”

Nominated for “Sexiest Story” and “Most Promising New Author” in the 2012 Readers Choice Awards

Paranormal Romance Guild logoChinyere Ezinwanyi at Paranormal Romance Guild (4 out of 5 star rating): “It was action packed from the first chapter. It really felt like watching a special ops film, but featuring super humans. In the midst of it all, was the push and pull of Jack and Cassie’s feelings. Cassie was a great heroine. She was compassionate and thoughtful. Jack was that alpha male who was also a soldier at heart. He had to constantly vacillate from being a stone cold warrior to that protective man Cassie needed. This book had a lot of playful banter, [these] moments just made the book for me. The author did a really great job building the sexual tension and teasing the audience. I was just full of anticipation as I kept reading. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next installment.”

Nominated for Paranormal Romance Guild’s “Best Reviewer Read of 2012”

Christi Snow at Smitten With Reading (A- rating): “This book is labeled as paranormal romance, but that genre doesn’t quite encapsulate what this book really is. This is superhero fantasy at it’s finest…definitely an X-men style of action adventure with a HUGE, wonderful dash of romance thrown in and I loved it! Jack has always been there [for Cassie] as her bodyguard, but lately things between the two of them have been changing. There’s an incredible heat between them and that isn’t just sexual…it’s literally a heat when things start to ratchet up. I LOVED the scenes with the SEALS. These were a great group of guys…lots of personalities within it and all of them fun characters. The kid, Cheese/Henry, who is so damaged he can only communicate by quoting from books…he broke my heart, but I LOVED what he added to the story. I can’t even imagine how long it took the author to come up with all his amazing lines (which are ENTIRELY quotes…so creative!) But the best thing about this book absolutely was the relationship between Jack and Cassie. Because he’s a Beserker, it will literally endanger her life to become involved with him. Every time they are together, which is all the time, they are coming closer and closer to losing control. They are most definitely playing with fire and it is hot to read. But I also loved their relationship because they are best friends. Cassie calls him out on things…I loved that!”

Teresa D. at Vampire Romance Books: “The Valkyrie’s Guardian is a great read with a lot to offer.  There are extra-sentients who are basically super heroes, sexy Navy SEALs, with some kilt wearing hotness to boot.  I liked [Cassie], she is tough when she needs to be, but she has a light-hearted playful personality that makes her endearing to the reader.  My favorite character is Jack MacGunn, […] humorous, gorgeous, and caring.  I found myself constantly amused by his charming personality.  I love the chemistry and attraction between these two, and after reading the book I want a Jack MacGunn to call my own.This is a well written book that has many great attributes; it was descriptive, had pleasing characters, and was entertaining. This book is filled with nearly non-stop intense action. The rush of battle kept me on the edge of my seat. The passion and tenderness in this read will make your knees weak. I also like how Densley adds just enough comic relief to even everything out. It was funny how these two tried to deliberately get under each other’s skin, and found myself laughing out loud more than once. The Valkyrie’s Guardian is a fun; action-packed read that I feel will appeal to a lot of readers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I hope to hear more from Densley in the near future!”
Mindy Wall at Books, Books, and More Books (4 out of 5 rating): “I love a good love story and the supernatural twist makes this even more fun. The mind pictures were vivid and detailed.  I loved the locations and the mind pictures the words created. Excellent read when you want that special “aawww” book.”
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