BATS Street Team Swag

BeautyandtheSpymaster 500x750-2You “Easy Street” Team ladies are fantastic! Please let me send you a bit of swag to thank you for taking the time to post reviews for Beauty and the Spymaster. (It seems I’m better at making jewelry than photography… apologies for the bad pictures. Hopefully the descriptions will help.)

Email me your top 3-5 choices, and make sure I have your mailing address.

* A reminder to check the measurement to make sure it will fit. If you love a bracelet but need it longer or shorter, I might be able to adjust it – go ahead and ask, and I’ll do it if I can.



bats 1-3


1: White freshwater pearl necklace with silver-plated tube beads and glass cube accents 18″

2: Charcoal agate, black crystal, and Tibetan silver necklace 17″

3: White pearl necklace with silver-plated tube beads and black cube accents 17″

bats 4-7


4: Sandstone & teal agate bracelet 7″

5: Autumn dyed pearls, baroque-drilled 8″ (and I have another that’s 7″ with a giant heart lobster clasp)

6: Speckled olive & black mother-of-pearl buttons 7.5″

7: Turquoise, carnelian, and Tibetan silver 8″ (the large beads will reduce the circumference, will fit more like 7-7.5″)

bats 8-11


8: Red & orange glass with zebra howlite 7″

9: Teal, brown, & gold glass with black crystal and Tibetan silver 7.5″

10: Sea-colored glass with lavender & black crystal 7.75″

11: Clear & white glass with multi crystal and Tibetan silver 8″

bats 12-17


12: Charcoal agate, red jade, and Tibetan silver 2-strand 7″

13: Teal agate with diagonal Tibetan silver beads 7″

14: Turquoise, dragon agate & Tibetan silver 6.5″

15: Faceted onyx, sunstone, and jade with rondelle crystals 7″

16: Dragon’s eye agate, turquoise, and faceted jade 7″

17: Faceted crystal, teal agate, and blue enameled glass with giant leaf toggle clasp 7.5″

bats 18-24


18: Irregular cream pearls with crystal/silver center bead, 2-strand 6.5″

19: Pink & lavender pearls, amethyst crystal 7.5″

20: Irregular cream pearls with amethyst crystal and Tibetan silver flower beads 7.5″

21: Peacock pearl, lavender rondelle crystal, blue jade and leaf beads 7″

22: Copper pearl, sun stone, autumn jasper 7.5″

23: Irregular cream pearl with leaf caps and giant flower lobster clasp 7.5″

24: Iridescent eggplant pearls with silver crystal bicones 7.25″

bats 25-28


25: Mother-of-pearl rice beads, fire red crystal, silver ball beads 6.75″

26: White opal, pink cat’s eye, Tibetan silver bicones 6.5″

27: Red glass hearts, rainbow seed beads 6.5″

28: Silver-plated lantern charms, peach cat’s eye with small white and lavender cat’s eye accents 6.5″

bats 29-30

29: Red, pink, and tomato howlite in silver-plated diamond frames with hematite 6.75″

30: “Globe” colored howlite in silver-plated diamond frames with hematite 7″ 

bats 31-33


31: Cracked glass, black stone discs, turquoise and striped howlite, fits 6.5 – 8″ wrists

32: Animal print wood beads, turquoise, Tibetan silver, fits 6.5 – 8″ wrists

33: Red deco wood beads, turquoise, and Tibetan silver, fits 6.5 -8″ wrists bats 34-37


34: Amethyst, ruby, cracked glass with butterfly pendant 6″

35: Pink seed beads with frosted glass heart bead 6″ (I have another that’s 5.5″)

36: Strawberry polymer with clear/silver e-beads 6.25″

37:  Rainbow howlite and whimsical butterflies 6.25″

bats 38-41



38: White pearl & lavender crystal dangle 2″

39: Cat’s eye cube in black & purple dangle 2.25″

40: Sea glass & black crystal dangle 2″

41: Chunky cracked glass & striped black agate dangle 2.25″

bats 42-44


42: Cat’s eye black oval & crystal dangle 3″

43: White pearl dangle 2.5″

44: Chunky teal howlite & black crystal dangle 3″

bats 45-48


45: Black faceted rondelle crystal & white pearl 1.5″

46: Iridescent fire crystal & cream pearl 2″

47: Teal & green glass, Tibetan silver, iridescent bicone crystal 2″

48: Sea glass & iridescent crystal bicone 2″


  1. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Really beautiful jewelry, I love 2-3-1

  2. Terrie Lynn says:

    You have created some beautiful pieces. ❤

  3. jdh2690 says:

    I like No. 35 bracelet for my granddaughter. Or No. 23 for an adult friend. Thanks, Moriah! Jan

  4. Lisa Myers says:

    All of your jewelry is very pretty!!! I think my favorites are 18, 20, 21, 22. If 18 can be longer that would be great. Thank you!!!!


  5. Kathy Heare Watts says:

    Moriah! Thank you for the invite! I have a very tiny wrist, 5.75″ so I am thrilled to see some smaller items here! Okay so my 3 choices are #8; #18; and #4.

  6. charlene says:

    i love 6,10,17,22,34

  7. It was difficult to choose my top five. Thank you SO much. ❤

  8. Hi Moriah! It took a long time, but I have a top 5! They are (in no particular order) #’s 5, 10, 19, 46 and 48 🙂 Thanks for asking! 😀

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