It’s #Rougemont2 Re-Release Day! Jewelry Giveaway + Blog Blitz

KoTS Cover 500x750

He owns three shipping companies, a diamond mine, and his own castle.
He knows Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin and Morse code.
His assets net thirteen million.

Lord Preston wants the one thing money can’t buy…

(Imagine that intro in James Earl Jones’ voice.)

I’m delighted to announce the “re-release” of #2 in the Rougemont Series, The King of Threadneedle Street from esKape Press. Set in 1871 England, this Victorian take on Romeo and Juliet has star-crossed lovers but a happy ending, I promise!

Andrew Tilmore is a mad genius of sorts, who figured out at a young age how to make a killing in the stock market. (Did you know Threadneedle Street is the British equivalent to Wall Street?) He returns home after two years’ absence to find uproar. His sister is about to marry a lecherous duke, Andrew’s mother keeps trying to marry him off too, and worse, his childhood sweetheart is being sent away to start a career as a courtesan. He has tenants, investors, and family all counting on him to do his “duty,” but he can’t let Alysia go.

Alysia came to live at Ashton Park as a young girl with her mother, the infamous courtesan Violet Villier. When she died, Andrew was all Alysia had left. His parents fear his “dangerous attachment” to a courtesan’s daughter and will go to any measure to keep them apart. Andrew’s father is Alysia’s legal guardian and controls her inheritance. She makes a lonely living as a painter, but every time Andrew comes back into her life, it’s more and more difficult to turn him away.

Andrew knows he must choose either a life of wealth and fame, or a life with Alysia. Will he give it all away for the woman he loves?

Perhaps my favorite element of this story is the love triangle between Alysia and two desirable but very different men. Here’s an excerpt:

Andrew marched down the stairs, adjusting his collar and straightening his sleeve cuffs, dressed in a perfectly tailored, black silk suit. His deeply set eyes seemed to flash with dark fire in the lamplight.

“Breathe,” Philip prompted, followed by an indignant huff probably not directed at her. He twirled her in step with the waltz to help her recover herself. “What do you want me to do?” He seemed hostile. Indignant, at least.

She despised how her heart fluttered at the sight of Andrew, who pushed through the crowd toward her.

“Keep dancing,” she answered and tried not to watch Andrew, but it was nearly impossible to look away. He entered the ballroom in long strides but thankfully was accosted by a crowd of guests. The crowd turned to watch, no doubt wondering if Lord Preston and Captain Cavendish would have it out. She suddenly felt remorseful for dragging Philip into the mess.

He was up to it. The waltz ended, and Philip led her from the floor and handed her a glass of punch, all the while standing guard, by the look of his posture. He exchanged bold glares of challenge with Andrew from across the room. They reminded Alysia of two bucks locking horns.

She was grateful when the next waltz sounded. “Philip, I hope you wouldn’t mind another waltz?”

“Not at all.” He shot her a charming dimpled smile mixed with cocksure triumph and held out his arm. They had nearly reached the floor when Andrew caught up, stopping them short. She was too late.

“Do be so generous as to allow me to cut in, Captain Cavendish,” Andrew said with a shallow bow and held out his hand for Alysia.

Philip kept his hand on her arm, holding her in place. “The lady asked for the dance and I must obey,” he replied genially but with the pointed tone of a Naval captain. “That is,” he amended, “for Miss Villier to decide, of course.” He turned his head expectantly for her answer.

“Lisa,” Andrew breathed. “It has been far too long. I am desperate to speak with you.”

Aggravating, how her heart leapt, and her expression surely betrayed her. She was in no mood to hear his explanation or apology, whichever it was. And she would rather die than humiliate either Andrew or Philip by publicly choosing one over the other.

“Thank you, Lord Preston, but I believe I will ask Captain Cavendish to take me home after all. Suddenly I feel exhausted.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “Home? Where might that be, may I ask?” His brimstone eyes leveled at her, then icily at Philip.

Alysia nearly snapped, “It was a simple way of referring to Sir Mandley’s house in Belgravia.”

He nodded, his relief thinly disguised. He shot another jealous glare at Philip.

“I am here at Lord Courtenay’s bidding,” she reminded Andrew. “And Captain Cavendish has been so kind as to accompany me. I didn’t wish to come alone.”

“Of course,” Andrew replied coldly. “My thanks, Cavendish, for taking care of her.”

“She takes care of herself, Preston.”

“Well, goodnight,” Alysia interrupted, pulling subtly on Philip’s elbow. The room simply wasn’t big enough for the two of them. London was too small for them both.

The e-book is on sale for $.99, so if you enjoy historical romance, I hope you’ll give it a try. And let me know what you think if you do – I love hearing from readers!

kots giveaway jewelryTo celebrate release day, we’re having a big jewelry giveaway. For this collection I used pearl, turquoise, crystal, wood, glass, and jasper for over 30 bracelet, earring, and bookmark designs. Click on the photo to see the gallery. 

We have 14 blog hosts, so there will be 14 winners. Visit each blog for an excerpt from The King of Threadneedle Street and more chances to win.

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Click to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for handmade bracelets, earrings, and bookmarks. It’s easy, and the more blogs you visit, the more entries you get.

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  1. So far I am loving Rougemont #2! Moriah, you are a fav of mine now, and the jewelry you make is exquisite! I’m just guessing, but is Phillip’s story next?!

    • Yay! Amy’s here! Thanks for reading the book, Amy. And you guessed it – yes, Philip is the hero of #3, which I’m writing now. Turns out he’s snarky, and overwhelmed with a naughty 3yo son. Fun to write…

      • -=Gives a bow=- Thanks for your enthusiasm for my presence! I liked Phillip’s attitude towards Drew. It was comical at times. And I am a sucker for the widowed father scenario! I can’t wait! I am super excited. 🙂

  2. I am anxious to read this book. Have it on my Kindle on the Favorite shelf. I am 50 pages away from reading it! Later today it will be a date!

  3. I just finished SONG FOR SOPHIA and thought it was one of the finest historical romances I ever read. The characters were so complex, yet believable, and the writing was sharp, intelligent, and witty. You have a rare talent, Moriah, and I was delighted to see another book out by you. It’s already in my Kindle. I’m looking forward to another great read.

    • Wish you were here to see my jaw hit the floor. THE Kaki Warner liked my book?!?! Holy cow! I’m so excited! Thank you ❤ And of course you just made this fan girl swoon. I can't believe you read my little book. That means the world, coming from a giant in the industry such as yourself. *sigh*

      • Don’t be silly. Or, is that sarcasm? Either way, loved your “little” book so much I’ve pimped it all over facebook and twitter and have already started on the new/old one. Go write something more. I’m waiting.

        • Yeah, guess I was showing my fangirl there a bit. (You’re so nice you probably forget what a big deal you are, hehe.) You really are my idol, Kaki, and I’ll live on your lovely compliment for weeks on end.

  4. Mary Preston says:

    This is all just fabulous thank you.


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  3. […] It’s #Rougemont2 Re-Release Day! Jewelry Giveaway + Blog Blitz. […]

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