Victorian Christmas Wish Lists & Jewelry Giveaway!

BSBR headerPlease join me today at BestsellerBound Recommends, where I discuss what Wilhelm and Sophia from SONG FOR SOPHIA would want for Christmas. A few items on their wish lists won’t be surprising if you already know those characters, but maybe a few things will surprise you!

Click to enter the giveaway

Click to enter the giveaway

Be sure to enter the giveaway for these Victorian-style earrings. And if you haven’t browsed the BestsellerBound blog before, take a moment to look around. It’s a fun place to find great new reads. A big thanks to Maria for hosting me, and I hope to see you over there. Read the article here.

Or direct link here:


  1. Reblogged this on "To See the World in a Grain of Sand" and commented:
    Stop by my author friend’s blog to read about her latest book and enter for a chance to win a beautiful pair of earrings created by her! ~Irish~

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