Good News: NRCA Win!

This was my dessert, which the lovely Angela N. Blount ate in my honor.

This was my dessert, which the lovely Angela N. Blount ate in my honor at the NRCA ceremony.

So I was hanging out at the YMCA pool, rockin’ my visor hat and counting the four heads of my children to be sure none of them stayed underwater for long, when my phone rang. East coast number. Angela N. Blount, my writer buddy attending RWA nationals said, “I’m calling to congratulate you,” and I said, “Squee!” I’m typically that eloquent.NRCA 2012

Angela was so kind to let me know Song for Sophia won the National Reader’s Choice Award in the Historical Romance category. She’d also won her category in the Finally A Bride contest, so we were both having a good day.

After I hung up with Angela, I shouted, “Woot! Woot!” My Shakira-inspired victory dance attracted a bit of unwanted attention, so I sat down. The stupid grin took a little longer to fade. My kids came over, probably to make sure my pants weren’t on fire or anything, and when I told them the news they were so proud they started telling random people, “My mom’s a writer! And she won a contest, so now she’s famous.” The nice folks at the YMCA were duly impressed, I’m sure.

NRCA 2012 Anyway, you might know my historical Song for Sophia is a bit of a rebel, what with the austistic savant/assassin hero and all, so the contest win was a pleasant surprise. I’m honored. A big thanks to OKRWA for hosting the event, and congratulations to the other NRCA finalists and winners. Props to Angela for taking pictures so I could almost feel like I was there. (I may or may not have licked the screen when I saw that scrumptious cherry dessert.)



  1. micahpersell says:

    Yay! So deserved! Huge congrats 🙂

  2. christicorbett says:


    Loved Song for Sophia and I’m thrilled for you!!!!!!!!

    Christi Corbett

  3. Congratulations! Way to go!

  4. It pained me to have to eat your dessert all by my lonesome, but I was willing to make that sacrifice. ^_^ I had a sacrificial glass of champagne in your name as well. (Okay, several glasses…they were free.)

    Seriously though, I was SO happy for you. I think the other attendees thought I was you at first, I made such a vocal fuss. >.> You’re an exceptional writer, and you totally deserve this level of recognition. I’m quietly glad you don’t write Young Adult…at least yet, anyway. I like having a fair shot in contests these days! 😉

    • I would be totally okay with letting everyone think *I* look like Angela N. Blount. Thanks again for being there at the ceremony. Wish I could’ve come. And I have your new release Once Upon A Road Trip on my kindle – pretty sure your rockin’ YA is safe from the threat of me, hehe. I tried writing YA – once – and it will stay in the “round file” where it belongs 🙂

  5. You totally deserve it, it is an amazing book! I am so happy for you!

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