Release day for THE VALKYRIE’S GUARDIAN + Guest post & giveaway with Kat Latham

I don’t see much in the “light paranormal” category these days, and it’s a shame. Sometimes I want an adventure à la Indiana Jones. I want to laugh in between moments of  suspense and romance, not to mention plenty of action and explosions.

In this tradition, may I introduce The Valkyrie’s Guardian, a superhero story with a Scottish berserker hero who is “King of the Bad Pick-Up Line” –  an alpha male who doesn’t take himself too seriously. The characters screw up a lot and call themselves “X-Men for geeks, without the vinyl uniforms.” I love this story. It came from my alter ego who wishes she was a super spy. Readers who like superheroes, Navy SEALs, mythology, and highlanders should check it out.

In honor of release day, my good friend Kat Latham is hosting me on her super-popular blog which I stalk regularly. We discuss how opposites attract, and I share a scene from the book. We’re also giving away a free digital copy of The Valkyrie’s Guardian. Read the article here. Please stop by – I’d love to hear from you.


  1. peggybird1112 says:

    Congratulations on your book release, Moriah. You always create the most interesting heroes!

  2. I’m so honored to host you on your release day! Everyone needs to read this book. It’s awesome. *muah!*

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